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Some Nights

Some nights, it's hard to turn off the sounds of your own thoughts. Through those sleepless nights, thoughts of self doubt plague the mind; filling the soul with darkness, feeding the inner demons. As an outlet for those thoughts, I write.

January 4, 2017:

I swore to myself I would not let it ever get this dark again. I’ve grown to love myself enough to not let feelings of sadness overwhelm me and take over like it has many times before. Don’t allow yourself to implode. You’ve gotten too far to relapse into that person again. You are better than this.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of the progress I’ve made in life. I cannot allow my feelings to dictate my life. No person should be making permanent decisions on temporary emotions. Although... these emotions feel like they’re going to last a lifetime. It won’t though. I just have to take it one day at a time.

Rain at 1AM

New Croton Dam