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On Location at Bustle

 NYC Bustle Offices

NYC Bustle Offices

Through the Center for Communication, I was able to attend On Location at Bustle where I got to meet some of the Bustle team members in the NYC offices located in Flatiron. 

Bustle, an online magazine company founded in 2013 by Bryan Goldberg, was created for and by women.  Bustle Digital Group (BDG) is the digital destination for millennial women. BDG emphasizes on authenticity, inclusivity, positivity, and empowerment. BDG includes brands Bustle, Romper, Elite Daily, and Please.

Upon getting off the elevator, we walked in to see a bright sign lit with the company's logo. We were welcomed by Operations Director, Alexandra (Alex) Finkel. Alex gave us a brief tour of the floor before guiding us to one of the conference rooms for a roundtable discussion. While walking through the office, there was one very noticeable difference in comparison to other media companies; the room was filled with women (with the exception of a few of men).  It was very clear that Bustle was dedicated to their mission of female empowerment. Unlike many media companies, jobs at Bustle are held by a diverse team of people with different backgrounds culturally and in interests. It was clear that I was in good company.

We were offered cookies and beverages prior to taking our seats. I, of course, took a cookie and a cup of water. Who could turn down free food? I surely cannot. We sat around the table and introduced ourselves; a group of millennial women currently attending school in NYC. There were students from New York University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Columbia University, City College, and Brooklyn College in attendance. While we were not all studying the same majors or attending the same schools, we were all of us were there for the same reason; we wanted to know more. We also wanted a job but those weren't being offered to us like the cookies. Drat! Oh well!

Alex introduced us to team members in editorial and business development. Aside from discussing Bustle, we also briefly talked about the acquisition of Elite Daily, and parenting site Romper. The editors gave us an idea of the paths that were taken by team members. Some employees took a more traditional approach through college education and internships. There were also employees that accidentally fell into their roles and grew to love their jobs. The perspective that was provided to us was eye-opening and riveting. It is not an everyday experience that we are able to talk to people who hold positions you seek to acquire. We were given career advice, as well as life advice.

My overall experience at Bustle was nothing less than extraordinary. I met some amazing people and got to hear their stories. If there is anything I can tell you, the reader, it is that if you want something, you go out there and get it. Go above and beyond. Do your research. You can never be too prepared. Be so prepared that you freak yourself out!

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