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A Pimp Named Limpback

 Looking like I caught a limp. ::Cardi B's Lick plays in background:: Peep the bedazzled pimp cane!

Looking like I caught a limp. ::Cardi B's Lick plays in background:: Peep the bedazzled pimp cane!

Two weeks ago, I was walking around (okay, more like limping around) with a boot on my left foot. Everyone was asking me what had happened and as much as I want to say I kicked some serious butt, my life is not nearly as exciting as my imagination. I had foot surgery. Now, why would I write a post about foot surgery? This isn't a post about foot surgery per se.  I wanted to bring attention to the importance of wearing proper footwear. My decision to have foot surgery came as a result of the many years of impact my feet have absorbed.

For the weeks preceding my surgery, I had experienced pains in my foot that had caused me to limp for days at a time. I would wake up to a sharp pain in the arch of my foot with no idea as to where it had come from. I scheduled appointments to visit a podiatrist for arch pain, followed by an MRI. After seeing images for the arch of my foot, I was called back that same morning for an MRI on my heel. As it turns out, there was inflammation in my left ankle and heel that began to radiate pain to the rest of my foot.

I was given different options on ways to correct the problem. I, of course, chose the fastest solution they had with minimal scarring due to my impatience. My discharge papers say a bunch of words I'm unfamiliar with (that I definitely Googled) but I'll just say I got an ankle synovectomy. As per Google, an ankle synovectomy refers to the destruction or surgical removal of the membrane that lines the joint.

I had the surgery done the Friday before Labor Day weekend. I know... why would I do such a thing, right? Don't worry. I didn't let my foot stop me from enjoying my weekend. In fact, I got myself a cane and bedazzled it with gemstones. I wanted to be called A Pimp Named Limpback. Although my foot was going to be in recovery, I made sure to talk to my doctor first about drinking alcohol following my surgery. Always speak to your doctor before engaging in any activity that may hinder your recovery process or if you plan on drinking alcohol. You don't want to mix alcohol with pain medication or antibiotics!

After about two weeks of limping around with the boot on my foot, I can finally walk around normally. There's still some slight bruising and my foot is still not 100% but it won't stop me from my day-to-day activities. However, I must look for new footwear. As mentioned earlier, my feet have absorbed a lot of impact over the years. To avoid further foot problems, I must search for adequate support.

It's very important you wear shoes with the right amount of support or purchase orthotic inserts that will provide the support your shoes may lack. You can easily go to your local pharmacy store to purchase Dr. Scholl's inserts but if you're anything like me, you may need a custom fit insole made specifically for your foot. To do that, go to Dr. Scholl's website for the Kiosk Finder to locate the closest kiosk near you.

Ladies, I get it. You don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on shoes. I try to be extremely frugal when it comes to shopping but the fact is that we rely on our feet. The least we can do is to try our best to take care of what keeps us standing and marching forward. You know... put your best foot forward. Foot surgery is a lot more expensive than a good pair of shoes. It'll cost you more than just money.


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